Engrenax Industries is a division of Ontario Drive & Gear Limited (ODG)

  • First class manufacturer of transmission gears and other precision parts for both original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and replacement parts
  • Products are designed and constructed to provide the highest level of safety and reliability
  • Over 30 years of experience
  • Manufactures standard and custom parts that meet the most challenging specifications
  • Offers a unique value proposition that stands out from most subcontractors and has the capabilities and experience to meet very tight delivery timeframes
  • Mainly serves the agricultural, construction and forestry end markets
  • Manufactures critical parts for OEMs


Driver Gear Creeper


Piston Assembly

Transmission Output Creeper

Pin Steering

Drive Shaft

Output Shaft

Gear Drop Box

Clutch Hub

Driver Gear Creeper


Manufacturing and quality standards

  • Manufactures both OEM and replacement parts
  • ISO certified
  • Production procedures with high process controls and traceability
  • Parts manufactured to the highest tolerances meeting or exceeding OEM specifications.
  • Pre-production field tests in respective environment to assure durability and fit
  • Ability to meet tight delays (2-3weeks)
  • Manufacturing flexibility
  • In-house engineering capabilities

Strategically Located

  • Located in Eastern Canada with easy access to U.S. market
  • State-of-the art facility, strategically located to manufacture and distribute products to customers

Experience and stable workforce

  • Trained, top-quality team
  • Highly experienced and very stable workforce