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Design & Engineering

ODG has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the design, optimization, prototype, manufacture, and validation of gears and transmissions.

ODG’s Engineering capabilities and competencies include:

  • “Black Box” transmission design to meet customer requirements such as speed, torque, size, and weight.
    • ODG’s “Black Box” design capabilities include all basic mechanical elements, such as gears, shafts, housings, shifting components, and bearing selection
    • Gear sizing and macro geometry using PowerGear software
  • Reverse engineering of existing gearbox designs
  • Solid modelling using Autodesk Inventor
  • Optimization of gear meshes and microgeometry for noise and performance improvements using WebGear and Windows LDP
  • Design for manufacture of gear trains for cost reduction and manufacturing optimization
  • Rapid prototyping with hands-on support for manufacturing
  • CNC Programming of various equipment (See Manufacture capabilities)
  • Manufacturing and assembly process design from raw material to assembled gearbox
    • Wide range of experience with high complexity processes for manufacturing and assembly
    • Specializing in low/medium volume, high mix production
    • In-house tooling design and manufacture
  • Testing and validation of manufactured components and assemblies
    • Dimensional and material validation (See QA Lab capabilities)
    • Gearbox spin testing and NVH Analysis

Engineering Software:

  • Autodesk Suite-Inventor
  • Ohio State University Windows LDP
  • AGMA Rating Suite
  • Power Gear – Gear Geometry Design
  • Web Gear
  • GibbsCAM