Lean & Operational Excellence

At ODG “Lean” is beyond just a system or the identification of wastes, it’s about creating value for our customers. Lean defines our people, processes and operating practices, to create a culture that that allows us to achieve our goals and objectives.  Our lean foundation is made up of employee involvement and empowerment, training, organization, 5S, and maintenance excellence.  Our continuous improvement model focuses on the standardization of work and the “Plan-Do-Check-Act” methodology.  When this all combines it leads to flawless execution of operations, allowing us to achieve best in class quality, delivery and cost.  

  • ODG's Lean House
  • PDCA Model
  • Daily Planning Board
  • QA Pager System
  • AME Wordal
  • Operational Excellence

The presentation below demonstrates how Lean & Operational Excellence is applied at ODG