Ontario Drive & Gear Limited is extremely proud of its commitment to minimizing its environmental footprint. We are continually exploring new opportunities that will improve our products and performance, reduce our environmental impact and benefit our local communities. To achieve these goals, we comply with all federal, provincial and municipal environmental laws. To reduce waste and emissions, we utilize material substitution, source reduction and recycling technologies in all of our manufacturing departments and offices. We use energy efficiently and effectively. A prime example of one of our “green” initiatives was the introduction of dry hobbing technology within our gear production facilities, which eliminated the need for oil. At ODG, we believe strongly in our environmental responsibilities. Towards this end we take careful consideration of all policies, practices and even the suppliers we choose to partner with. Our employees are firmly committed to our environmental objectives and, as always, are a key component to our success.

  • Certificate EMS 531294 (2014-2017)